The Botanic and Exotic Gardens of the French Riviera

Here is a choice of the most wonderful gardens in our area:

Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate and to the British visitors of the 19th century the French Riviera has become home to numerous botanic and exotic gardens. Nowadays we count about 60. I have made a selection of the most beautiful ones for you

Serre de la Madone (Menton)
This garden was created by the English landscape gardener Lawrenc eJohnston in the beginning of the 20th century and has been placed under preservation order. A large number of terraces, water areas, stone gardens and pergolas turn this garden in a unique place

Exotic Garden Monaco
This garden is directly located on a steep slope and contains about one thousand cacti and other succulent plants which grow to amazing heights. It offers an incomparable view over the Principality of Monaco and the French and Italian Riviera. The plants originate from far countries like the southeast of the USA, Mexico, Central and south-America, East and Central-Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Exotic Garden Eze
High above the roofs of Eze in the old fortress of the Saracens is located the famous Exotic Garden with its many rare cacti und succulent plants. The terrace offers the best view over the whole coastline and on some clear days even to Corsica.

Val Rameh Menton
This Exotic Garden belongs to the Museum of Natural History. It presents a large number of plants and flowers of hot countries in surroundings expressive of the fragile beauty of a far away world.

Hanbury- Garden Ventimiglia
Designed by Sir Thomas Hanbury in 1867 it is considered to be one of Italy’s most beautiful botanical gardens. It is filled with rare and unusual plants: cacti, agaves, Eucalyptus trees and all kinds of palm trees.

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