T8: A Taste of Italy La Dolce Vita in Italian villages

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Tour Description:

150 years ago, the County of Nice was part of the Kingdom of Piedmont and Sardinia, its capital was Torino and not Paris and its inhabitants spoke Niçois and Italian and not French.
In 1860 history writes a new chapter, Nice becomes French and 20 miles away, a border separates 2 countries: France and Italy.

Across this border you find a completely different world with plenty of medieval villages, charming People, great food and delicious Cappuccino.

As an expert of Italy, let me explain you the different ways of living between Italy and France, the cultural differences and the different economic aspects while you visit some marvelous typical villages, meet the local  people and enjoy a delicious Italian meal.
Change country for the time of a tour that will lead you to my favorite places across the border.

Tour Details

Lenght of tour 7/8 hours
Max number of people 6 people

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